Social Rugrats Chicago

Social Rugrats Chicago
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Each day, thousands of parents visit Social Rugrats in search of local events for planning playdates and family outings. It’s the easiest way for parents to keep their kids’ social calendar full of fun!

At Social Rugrats, we put family first. We too are parents and everything we do is with the purpose of making children’s lives more fun, parent’s lives easier and bringing families together.

Our Beliefs
We believe families can have affordable options in play for their children. We believe socially-interactive play encourages the exploratory process of learning and grows happier, healthier children. We believe families who play together, will stay together. Simply put, we believe in family.

Infinite Family Fun
Social Rugrats is a social playground for families that’s loaded with fun – everything from family events to playdates and playgroups. With Social Rugrats, your family can explore your city, find new places to visit, make new friends, create life-long memories and share your discoveries.

How We Make a Difference
Social Rugrats is designed to facilitate parent – child social interaction. We understand that play equates to learning and encourages the exploratory process of learning.

Reduces time spent finding things to do, allowing parents more time with their children doing developmental activities
Fosters childhood development through providing fun, meaningful and educational resources
Provides parents a social space to safely share their children’s photos and life
Promotes indoor/outdoor physical and social activities to grow healthier, happier children
Keeping your kids socially active can be challenging, but so rewarding!

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