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The genesis of Power Up Tech Academy came when Tamasin Ford, a professional software developer, was looking for coding tools and classes for her 10 year old nephew. Asking around, it was clear that very few parents could easily access coding classes and very few kids knew that they could actually learn to code.

Knowing that technology literacy is increasingly essential for success in any domain, Tamasin created Power Up Tech Academy to offer high quality coding instruction that gives kids the power to shape their future … and the future!

At Power Up Tech Academy, we believe that learning to code provides life-long skills.

While you will certainly learn the nuts and bolts of building a program, our approach focuses just as much on logical thinking, creativity and problem solving.

  • To start, students are led through key ideas and technology demos in a group setting
  • Very soon after, they are able to move at their own pace as they select their own projects and teachers provide tailored challenges
  • The whole way through, we develop independence by coaching kids on how to be persistent, creative and resourceful about problem solving when things don’t work as expected

For more information and the list of coding classes and camps, check out the Power Up Tech Academy website to find out more about this outstanding service and the highly intelligent women who run the show at http://powerupta.com.

Power Up coding classes

They were also recognized in the Chicago Tribune’s Lifestyles section here http://www.chicagotribune.com/lifestyles/parenting/newsletter/ct-cth-23-powerup-jk-50springthings-jpg-20150318-photo.html and TechWeek here http://techweek.com/speakers/chicago/#speaker/Tamasin Ford

Lastly, they also have coding classes at Chicago’s own Pickle’s Playroom where you can sign up for Wednesday classes starting in April. They have a class for grade K-2 that you can find at http://picklesplayroom.net/classes-events/.

Power Up Tech Academy
2867 N Clybourn Ave. (Free parking on both sides of Clybourn)
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 382-0778

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