Menomonee Club for Boys and Girls

The Menomonee Club
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Established in 1946 and still growing, The Menomonee Club has been improving urban life for children on Chicago’s north side for over sixty five years. The Club’s experienced and caring staff guides a superb mix of supervised team sports, and recreational and social programs for kids of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers, and select programs for adults. The Menomonee Club membership is comprised of children from over 80 Chicago schools, which enables kids to stretch their friendships!

Menomonee is not just for kids; it’s a family affair. Parents and friends join in to cheer on the teams, volunteer as coaches or scout leaders, participate on the Board and raise funds to keep costs down. The Club is led by Executive Director Neal Bader who brings years of experience in his field to the Club. The Club is a not-for-profit organization, operated by and for the community. Its operations and excellent programs are made possible by revenues from Club dues and fees, fund raising efforts and a portion of the Old Town Art Fair proceeds. The Menomonee Club offers programs in 4 seasons (Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer) as well as day camps during the holiday season.

Much of our staple programming is consistent each year; but we also strive to offer new classes to keep the club innovative and fun.

Here is a sample list of programs offered.

Baseball Leagues
Basketball Classes and Leagues
Language Classes
Creative Movement
Dance (Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Ballet)
Flag Football
Fun Club (Pre-School Enrichment)
Girls Running Club
Hip Hop
JK Sports
Judo with Sensei Wolf
Leadership Programs
Lego Engineering
Mad Science
Movie Nights
Retro Sports (Dodgeball, Kickball, etc.)
Scouting Troops
Sports for Youth with Physical Disabilities
Tap Dancing
Taekwondo with Master Kidd
Team Handball

For more information, visit

The Menomonee Club for Boys and Girls
Drucker Center – 1535 N. Dayton Street Chicago, IL 60642 ph 312-664-4631
Clubhouse – 244 W. Willow Chicago, IL 60614 ph 312-664-4515
Day School Center – 800 W Buena Chicago, IL 60613 ph 312-664-4631

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