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BLUE1647 is an entrepreneurship and technology innovation center that fosters economic development in technology and 21st Century skills through people development (classes, workshops, and events around technology), workforce development (through youth and adult technology programs to prepare individuals for high-demand jobs) and Business Acceleration (through shared co-working services).

As a beacon of resource, BLUE1647 provides impactful individuals and organizations the resources to realize their ideas for a better world. Listed in the first City of Chicago Technology Plan, the BLUE1647 community is a vibrant example of the ways in which creative professionals, entrepreneurs, change-makers, and nonprofits can come together to make meaningful, lasting impact.

The 21st Century Youth Project (21CYP)
For youth, BLUE1647 mentors youth to participate in curated programming alongside business acceleration services, workshops and with member-run companies. The 21st Century Youth Project (21CYP) teaches advanced technology as a path to opportunity. The program focuses on improving skills Today (through teaching and tutoring), Tomorrow (through coaching and mentoring), and the Future (through internship placement), with an entrepreneurial focus.

Key deliverables for student participants are creation of web and mobile apps for (Google Android, iPhone, iPad etc.), accompanying business plans, accrual of college credits and case studies on their resumes and portfolios because of hands-on tangible skills gained through internship placements. Parents and guardians can apply for monthly training for youth.

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The 21st Century Youth Project
1647 S. Blue Island Ave, First Floor
Chicago, IL 60608

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